Five Tips on Finding Internships and Creating a Professional Resume

Looking for some tips on how to write a resume or score an internship? Look no further! These five important tips can help you succeed.

For college students, creating resumes and applying for internships may seem scary, but there are an abundance of helpful tips and tools to serve as a guide. Here are five helpful hints:

  • Maximize your resume space. The standard professional resume should fit on one page, so you have to be able to use your space effectively. Amber Hinsley, a professor in the Communication Department at Saint Louis University, suggests using a two-column design to utilize all available space.


  • Leave this out! Again, you only get one page, so leave out the information that isn’t going to help you. Information such as your home address and GPA (unless it is exceedingly high) can be left off. References are also unnecessary, as they will be requested by the company if needed.


  • Make it easy to read. The goal is for the resume to be appealing to the eye and easily understood. To do this, make sure to use consistent fonts (no more than two) and spacing and to keep the sections concise.


  • Tailor your cover letter for each application. Possible employers like to see an applicant who is enthusiastic about the job they are applying for, and brings new ideas to the table. The cover letter is a place to explain what you  can do for the company/employer, and why they should choose you. Be specific, as to show interest in the particular job or internship, but refrain from name dropping.


  • Search for internships online.  Information about internships can be found online on the websites of the companies who offer them.  Nancy Wilson, SLU’s Internship Coordinator, encourages students to reach out to companies even if there is no internship information online.  There are also other sites available, such as SLU’s Career Connections website, that can assist in finding an internship.



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