EYE see London

So this weekend I got to go to the amazingly beautiful land of tea, British accents, and double decker buses! Although we spent two nights on an airport floor and walked close to 40 miles, our sore legs and tired eyes are souvenirs from an amazing weekend.

Mischief Managed

So as many of you know… I like Harry Potter a lottle. (it’s like a little.. but a lot)

And if you know ANYTHING about Harry Potter you know that London is home to a lot of important places. Well lets just say there might have been tears…

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Tacky Tourists

Okay when you’re in London there are just some things you have to do. And I’m not sorry at all that we were those basic tourists  who did them all! Im actually proud of us – we fit what could have been a week of sightseeing into just three days.

***Don’t worry, I’ll only give you the highlights. Wouldn’t want you to get bored ;)***

So we walked across a famous crosswalk or something…


…took (too many) pictures of this old clocktower

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…rode a super tall Ferris Wheel with a pretty cool view…

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… saw a couple of pretty churches…

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…and stopped by to say a quick hello to our friend Lizzie and her fam!

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All in all being a tacky tourist was super fun and I would recommend it to anyone who is traveling to London! Though if you have a terrible fear of heights and of enclosed spaces I would NOT suggest going on the London Eye… (I’m still shaking)

Also if you’re planning on taking a picture on Abbey Road, give yourself LOTS of extra time (because everyone and their mother has the same plan) and please remember that THEY DRIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD SO LOOK BOTH WAYS OR YOU WILL GET HIT BY A CAR. IT’S A REAL LIFE CROSSWALK. & THEY DON’T STOP.


Alright I just had to put this here because how many people can say they went to London and witnessed a double-decker bus crash??

I don’t actually know the answer to that… but it can’t be that many, right?


**P.S no one was hurt otherwise I wouldn’t have taken this picture I’m not a terrible person, okay??**

The Wonderful World of M&Ms

One of the last things we did on this trip was take a walk through Piccadilly Circus and guess what we found?

If you guessed “A Ginormous M&M Store” you’re the lucky winner! There were 4 floors… and so many colorful options…

And that’s a wrap! Although I’ve only been there twice I can definitely say London is one of my favorite cities. Have I mentioned lately how much I love British accents?

**Bonus points if you guess where I’ll be next weekend based on the title of this post…???


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