Amster*dam*, It’s Beautiful.

Two delayed-posts in a row? Man, I don’t know what has gotten into me. (Actually I do… I started watching “New Girl” and now every free moment I have… well. Can you blame me?

But last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to visit my aunt in one of THE PRETTIEST cities in the entire world. (Also my aunt is one of the most beautiful humans, inside and out, and I am so grateful I got to visit her!)

Picture Perfect

Amsterdam was hands-down one of the most gorgeous places I have ever had the opportunity to visit. Every street was unique and beautiful and the canals were like anything I have ever seen before.

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Also I got to bike around like one of the locals on the incredible bike lanes that Amsterdam has! We tried putting two people on one bike too… but biking with a passenger on the back is very difficult work. And I am not coordinated enough to be successful at it. I only almost ran us into traffic once (or twice) though so that’s got to be worth something right?


50% Tourist

Since I spent most of my time with my Aunt, who lives in Amsterdam, I didn’t have to be one of those tacky tourists this time (even though I probably still was…) Instead, I got the chance to just walk around, eat great food, and catch up with my Aunt!

** Amsterdam also impressed me with the Gluten Free food #Blessed**

Okay 75% Tourist…

Although I didn’t do all of the things tourists do in Amsterdam, I did allow myself two terribly touristy attractions. And for some reason one of them involved heights AGAIN?? When will I  learn?

This swing was on the top of a super tall building and swung out over the Amsterdam Skyline. STELLAR view, less than stellar affect on your heart rate if you’re afraid of heights. Overall 10/10 would recommend though.

The roof of the building itself was pretty neat, too!

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And okay, this one is just a given. If you don’t take a picture with this sign, you didn’t go to Amsterdam. You just didn’t.

All in all I had an amazing weekend and I am so lucky to have an aunt as amazing as Stacy! (She even let me try on her Louboutins sooooo….)




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