Going Greek & The Tenerife Sea

Well.. here it is…the LAST Study Abroad post!! It has been quite the journey and I am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had over the course of the last few months. New friendships have grown and old ones have thrived and I am beyond blessed to have been surrounded by such beautiful people as I travelled the world.

Okay okay enough of the mushy stuff… let’s talk about something fun! So I’m combining my last two trips into this post because they were both short and sweet (and because there is not a single Starbucks on the island of Tenerife so I only have one picture…)

I Finally Chose to Go Greek

So about two weekends ago I had the chance to travel to Athens, Greece. Being the theatre nerd that I am it was truly incredible! I got to see the Theatre of Dionysus (or what’s left of it…) in real life which I had learned about in Theatre History.

I also want to apologize again to my roomies for the excessive amount of theatre facts I rattled. They were too nice to tell me to shut up but tbh we were all thinking it.

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We also saw Odeon of Herodes Atticus which is another theatre structure that was renovated in the 1950s but still has parts from its past! (See what I mean about the random facts…)

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& I would walk ten thousand miles

We spent most of the day walking around seeing the Acropolis and other ancient ruins around Athens (there’s an emphasis on the walking part because we walked a ton. Many miles.)  including the incredible Parthenon!

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I kinda feel like my life is now complete because in Philosophy class freshman year our teacher made us watch the most boring documentary on the building of the Parthenon that had nothing to do with what we were actually learning. If only Jeanne Smith could see this…

ANYWAY, you probably already know this but I’m just gonna say it again.  Greece is ridiculously beautiful. Especially being up on the Acropolis, there are so many lookout points that are photo-worthy. Even though pictures don’t do it justice at all.

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We also made it to the changing of the guards outside the Parliament building and the tomb of the unknown soldier which on Sundays is complete with a marching band and huge procession. It was a very unique experience to say the least.

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And that was basically out whole weekend in Greece! It was amazing getting to see things we had learned about in school and, of course, the shopping in Greece is superior to most places.

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Do You See What I Sea?

Last weekend I went on my final trip to Tenerife which, if you don’t know (because I didn’t before I came here) is a part of the Canary Islands which are off the West coast of Africa. The trip to Tenerife was much more chill than the trip to Athens in that we really didn’t do much. We hung out on the beach most of the time!

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And we got Pina coladas! I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention that. Now that would have been a true tragedy.


I also stayed in a hostel for the first time ever and it was not the best experience in the world. To avoid going into a super long, drawn out explanation on why I only slept for an hour and left very early the next day, I’ll just say this. I was with one other girl and we were in an 8 person room with three creepy men.

Needless to say we were scared.

A word to the wise: if you ever have to stay in a hostel, try to get a private room if you can. And if you can’t, make sure you’re with a group of people you know. I say this for your own wellbeing and peace of mind.

But hey, we survived the night and  if you want to hear the whole story, which in retrospect is both funny and terrifying, just ask me. But make sure you have some time because it’s a long story.

And That’s a Wrap

So on that note, I have finished telling of my Study Abroad excursions. Again, I am so thankful to everyone who made this dream a reality and I have made memories that will be forever in my heart.

As I pack up my suitcases, which is a ridiculously difficult task if you brought way too many things like I did, it’s truly bittersweet. I am beyond excited to come home and hug all of my friends and family (and my dog) and tell them about my travels, but I’m also sad that the most amazing journey of my life is coming to a close. (I’m seriously trying to find a way to take my host mom back with me because I am going to miss her SO much!!)

So, for those who have had a part in this journey, thank you from the bottom of my heart! And for those who have followed my journey in this blog, thank you too and I hope you enjoyed my posts/ got a good laugh at my struggles every now and then.

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” 

Hasta luego, Spain. 

*****And because I don’t want to leave it on that somber note, I found this gem on my phone and thought you’d enjoy it.  I was upset with the tour guide for walking right into the picture and was clearly hiding it well. *****


Much love to you all. Next stop… HOME!



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